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High Option

Our High vision option offers cost-effective support for your vision needs—with even richer benefits for you and your family. 

2024 Benefits in this plan

Easy access to eye care

Over 122,000 access points for vision care nationwide

On-trend frames & contacts

From Warby Parker, GlassesUSA, and more.                                                                                                                       

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We offer health plans with different provider networks. This means that doctors may vary based on the plan you choose.


2024 Plan Benefits

Eye health coverage

We care for your complete eye health and look to the eyes for indications of health issues throughout the body. That’s why, in order to help keep you and your eyes healthier, we offer freedom of choice on trendy eyewear and access to a large national network—including private practice and retail settings.

Plan Highlights

Whether your vision is 20/20 or less than perfect, everyone needs to receive regular vision care. This vision plan from UnitedHealthcare gives you access to a large network of eye-health providers and the freedom to choose treatment options and eyewear.

Eye health coverage
Each year, you’ll get a complete, comprehensive eye exam to check your vision and evaluate your eye health. It may also help identify health issues such as diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension and more. 

Eyewear coverage
Whether you prefer glasses or contact lenses, we cover a variety of options, including Transitions™ lenses—which provide 100% UV protection—for no additional cost. 

Discounts Available

Take advantage of these discounts on health and wellness products and services plus technology and lifestyle items.

Order contacts online
Save 10% at

Lens enhancments
Many additional lens enhancements are at least 20% off of retail prices.

Hearing aids from UnitedHealthcare Hearing.
Choose from a wide selection of hearing aid styles and technology from name brand and private label manufacturers.

Laser vision correction from QualSight® LASIK.
Receive up to 35% off laser vision correction plus discounts on newer technologies such as Custom Bladeless (all laser) LASIK.

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FEDVIP Vision Eligibility

Active-duty family members

National Guard and Reserve members and their eligible family members enrolled in TRICARE Reserve Select or TRICARE Retired Reserve

Retired Service members and their eligible family members

TRICARE for Life (TFL) beneficiaries

Comparison Chart

Our comparison chart is designed to help you find the vision plan that best fits your needs by listing important plan benefits side-by-side.